Million Meals Maine

Million Meals Maine thumbs upMaine people making a world of difference to starving children.

As we focus on fundraising and awareness for future events, please attend a planning meeting on November 10, 2018 at 11:00 am, at Roots Cafe in Westbrook.

Deering High School is on board again, along with 7 other local schools so far and many community groups.  Student fundraising efforts are already underway.

We need ALL the help we can get, both in volunteers and fundraising.  How can you help?  Get a group together and raise some funds to help cover the costs of meals, or reach out to your local high school and ask how you can support their activities.  Every dollar counts – you can also donate using the link on the right.

How else can you help? If you’re able to help grow the planning committee, please contact us!  If you enjoyed the experience before, tell your friends!  Two hours of your time and a few spare dollars can save lives. Thank you for helping us feed starving children around the world.

Stay in touch as we plan this year’s event by signing up for our newsletter  and liking us on Facebook.

Thank you for your support.

Million Meals Maine is one of the Emmaus Teams – a local non-profit that works to help people in need both locally and globally. To learn more about the teams and find out how you can get involved, contact us!